cover of I Wish There Were Unicorns by Karleen Bradford
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Thirteen-year-old Rachel’s dreams of a career in ballet dancing are shattered when her parents divorce. Rachel blames her mother for the break-up and her resentment is increased when her mother takes them away from Toronto to live in an old farmhouse out in the country where she cannot continue her ballet classes. To make matters even worse, her mother has agreed to take in sixteen-year old Jess, a boy from the slums of Toronto, for the summer. Jess’s unfailing good nature, his patience with Rachel’s younger sister, Chris, his willingness to help, just make Rachel more frustrated and hurt. It takes a visit from her father and a near tragedy to help Rachel realize that “unicorns do exist--if you know where to look.”

Gage Educational Publishing Company, Canada, 1983
Sunbird Books, The Macmillan Company of Australia Pty. Ltd., 1990

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Canadian Materials

““A light, easy-reading novel...”

Macleans Magazine

“...characterizations of Rachel, her little sister and her unhousewifely artist-mother, impaled on Rachel’s harsh judgements, are excellent.”