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Meet Tuk, Grizzly, Nago and twenty-four other extraordinary animals who, with quick thinking and brave acts, became heroes. From police tracking dogs to family pets--even a hero polar bear!--all of these animals have saved lives. Some of the animals made headlines and others are heroes only to their families, but all of the stories are true.

Published by Scholastic Canada, Ltd., 2001
(Originally published under the titles Animal Heroes and More Animal Heroes)


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“...the kind of book I ate up as a kid--simple true-life stories of animals who wake you up when the burglar comes, push you off the road at the last minute, fight bears...fight bears?”

Quill & Quire

“Bradford manages to lend a sense of excitement to every story.”

CM, September 2001

“One of the strengths of Bradford’s writing is that she does not just present the details of the particular heroic occurrence, but she nests the event within a larger context so that readers get a real feel for the people and the animals.”

Review by Dave Jenkinson