A Second Grade Level Chapter Book
cover of Ghost Wolf by Karleen Bradford
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  • Chosen by Resource Links Magazine as one of the Best of 2006, Fiction Grades 1 - 3

  • Selected as one of the Canadian Toy Testing Council’s 2007 list of Great Books

  • Canadian Children’s Book Centre Our Choice 2006 (Starred review)


Matt is going to camp for the first time, and isn’t doing very well. Things go from bad to worse when he realizes that he has left his life preserver hanging on a tree on their last portage. He only remembers late that night, and decides that he has to go and get it before the Counsellor finds out the next morning. Bad idea!

Published by Orca Book Publishers
in their ORCA Echoes series
ISBN 1-55143-341-9


Canadian Materials, December 9, 2005

“This is an exciting story that boys will love. Matt’s apprehensions about summer camp are fears with which all children can identify. His need to belong to his group and his growing confidence as he feels accepted on his own terms make Matt an underdog character that the reader wants to see succeed.

“The language author Karleen Bradford uses can be challenging, but it will be mostly familiar to confident seven-year-old readers and average nine-year-olds. The story is set in a place that these children know about, and so references to ““mosquitoes”“ and ““portage”“ should not be a mystery to a child who has gone camping. Others might need a bit of help with such vocabulary. There are full-page, black-and-white illustrations on almost every third page of this 59-page novel. These illustrations closely mirror the text by which they are placed. ”


Reviewed by Robert Groberman

Resource Links Magazine, 2005

“This brief story is filled with a sense of supernatural. The soft, eerie charcoal sketches of illustrators Allan Cormack and Deborah Drew-Brook intensify this mystical mood. GHOST WOLF would make an excellent junior grades novel study and is also a wonderful story for reading aloud to late primary/early junior grades.”

Reviewed by Gail Lennon


For the first time in his life, Matt knew terror. He had heard of being frozen with fear. Well, now he was. He could not move. He tried hard to see into the darkness. He tried to hear if the wolf was coming nearer. But he could see nothing. All he could hear was the sound of raindrops landing all around him. Then, right in front of him, a white form took shape.